About me

My Inspiration


Architecture, both modern and ancient, inspires me. I love the shapes, the play of light and shadows, and the mystery of secrets in the stones. This abstract art  was inspired by a magical stay on the island of Santorini in Greece



Born and raised in the Cape, South Africa, my earliest memories of majestic ocean vistas, mountains and local culture continue to inform my  sense of color and design.  My painting is an homage to District Six in Cape Town.

Creative Writing


In 2014 I published  a brief biography of Benjamin Forrest Williams, who was the first curator of the North Carolina Museum of Art. I was privileged to attend his art critiques in Raleigh for several years. Available on Amazon


The Art of Jazz

The Art of Jazz is a collaborative art show and concert, opening at the Halle Cultural Center in downtown Apex, NC, on Saturday March 21, 2020.